Saturday, 10 October 2009

Intercontinental jets, dawn

The sun is rising later and later. This morning, the dawn was cloudless; in the distance the contrails of the passing airliners at 30,000+ ft, backlit by the rising sun, created dramatic images against a still-dark sky.

Above: Singapore International Airways Boeing 777

Above: Thai 747-400, en route to London Heathrow, from Bangkok.

Above: Qantas Boeing 747 on its way to Heathrow.

To identify these planes as they flew over Polish airspace, I visited Flygplan över Skandinavia and scrolled down on the map to central Poland.

Below: Nine am and it's a lovely morning. They clear-ish sky is criss-crossed with contrails (I can count at least seven). This is still the age of mass air travel. For how long though?

This time two years ago:

Ireland, autumn, dampness

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