Thursday, 29 October 2009

Małopolska, from the train

The train makes its way from Kraków back to Warsaw. Late afternoon, 16:00 departure. As the sun declines in the west, it casts a delicate light on the autumnal colours of northern Małopolska.

Above: The town of SŁOMNIKI, the twin spires of the Church of Divine Mercy on the background as autumnal russets flash past, mists rising from the low-lying fields mix with smoke from the home fires.

The tracks between Kraków and Tunel are forever being upgraded. The journey from Warsaw to Kraków this morning was 40 minutes late, still what's new. North of Słomniki and the train pulls up once more at a red light, and waits, while in the wagon socjalny standing on the other track, railway workers dry their socks and watch TV. Below: Panorama of Małopolska from the train window.

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