Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Across the Pennines by rail

On Saturday, we returned to Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, announded by our Polish pilot as 'lotnisko imienia Robina Hooda', accentuating the absurdity. 'How about Snow White International', joked Eddie. We travelled via the First TransPennine Express train from Stockport (above). And the views from the window were splendid - even better than going by bus.

The hills invite me out for a long bike ride, windy roads over the ridges, rural pub lunches, bracing weather, rich autumnal colours.

There were three trans-Pennine rail routes; the closing of the Woodhead Line left but two (Stockport-Sheffield and Manchester-Huddersfield). There is a campaign to re-open the Woodhead Line - I wish it well. This is the very beautiful backbone of England; fewer cars and trucks, I say, more trains and bikes.

And on to Sheffield (right), and thence to Doncaster. A tip for travellers - the airport is quite a way from the station. Buses take ages, are not as frequent as they are at, say, Luton, and are not cheap. There are plentiful taxis plying the route, mainly big Mercedes-Benz Vitos that can take five passengers and baggage. Cost - less than 14 quid. Split five ways (if you can), it works out a better bet than the bus.

This time last year:
And Polish railways are better?

This time two years ago:
"You'll look funny when you're fifty"
Autumn proper began 7 October - three weeks later than this year
Ul. Nawłocka gets sewerage - why don't we get sewerage?


pinolona said...

when I was at St Andrews uni I used to love taking the train along the east coast of Scotland between Leuchars and Berwick upon Tweed. There are some lovely rail journeys in the UK :)

warsawdailyphoto said...

You forget how beautiful and green the UK can be. I really miss donning my walking boots and heading into the hills for the day. You're right about the bracing weather though, but that's half the fun. Wet weather gear, sturdy boots and a good pair of sticks. And a hearty packed lunch of course. One of the most enjoyable ways to spend a Sunday.