Friday, 2 October 2009

Funeral of Tadeusz Lesisz

Above: Standards outside the church. To the fore, the Royal British Legion. Former Polish WWII infantrymen, paratroopers, armoured troops and airmen were also present. There were well over 200 mourners in the church, the interior of which had been designed by Tadeusz Lesisz.

The coffin is draped with the wartime ensign of ORP Błyskawica.

Representatives of the Polish Navy with WWII veterans. Centre: Henryk Strzelecki, founder of the Henri Lloyd clothing brand.

Left: Front row, from left: Krysia Lesisz-McNicholl, Wanda Lesisz, Barbara Dembinska, Janina Rożecka (Wanda's sister). Back row, from left: Marek Dembinski, Edmund Dembinski, Bohdan Dembinski, Monika Dembinska.


Adam said...

I did a quick search to find out where (church etc) the funeral took place but no joy. However did find this so assume it was in Manchester.
Wieczny odpoczynek racz Mu dać Panie,..

Tim Bucknall said...

ZA Nasze i wasze wolnosc,

would it be possible for us to chat about honouring your father-in law in our Naval museum exhibit?