Thursday, 29 October 2009

Just like the old days

Here and there in Poland you can still find scenes redolent of the old days of communism. Above: The grain stores in Kraków, on ul. Mogilska. These drab brick warehouses put me in mind of childhood trips into Poland via Czechoslovakia. Nothing here has changed since the 1960s.


White Horse Pilgrim said...

Do you still see any Communist murals? I remember seeing such items - "heroic" workers and the like - on a few Romanian factories as late as early 2008 when I left that ill-favoured country. There was even the oddd factory bearing the idiotic mural "Traiste Parditul Comunist Roman", presumably because it was too high up the wall to be pulled down and, besides, the letters were metal rather than wood so they couldn't be burn on the fire.

Michael Dembinski said...

Only one I've seen in 2009 - the mosaics on the ceilings of the collonades on either side of Plac Konstytucji (MDM), the socialist realist development on ul. Marszałkowska in the centre of Warsaw. And the bas reliefs on surrounding walls.

I see Romania's not developed a scrap metal industry yet :-)