Saturday, 31 October 2009

S2/POW work hinders local traffic

Driving to Platan Park on Friday, I observed that ul. Poloneza was closed. That's it - this road will be out of action (so I read on SkycraperCity's excellent Polish road infrastructure section) until December 2010. By then, a bridge should have been built over the railway line. Below: Roadsigns at the level crossing. The authorised diversion is via ul. Gawoty - useless for me, as it does not cross the tracks, which is where I need to go. Heading east is a three-wagon ballast train heading for the Warsaw Metro.

Below: Poloneza is closed from the north too. No crossing for pedestrians (which suggests that this stretch will soon become a building site with intensive work going on).

Further west, ul. Hołubcowa was meant to have been closed last week, but today there's no sign of road closure. It is inevitable that it will be closed sometime soon. This will leave just one level crossing between Jeziorki and Grabów; this is located on ul. Oberki, just visible to the right of the photo below. Here we see where the S2 will run. Amid the impassable mud are neat stacks of asbestos roofing, removed from the farmhouses that stood here until very recently. They are on pallets ready to be taken away.

A propos of local traffic, while I was in the UK, the roadworks on ul. Karczunkowska were completed. Karczunkowska was restored to two-way traffic, the buses came off their diversions, ul. Jeziorki was also restored to two-way traffic, speed humps returned there. Traffic lights at the junction between ul. Ludwinowska and ul. Puławska returned to their normal timings, causing traffic to flow more freely along Puławska. The rat-runners have returned to Trombity. But - a bonus. Though the Z-9 temporary bus route has disappeared, it has been replaced by a new hourly service, the 209, linking W-wa Jeziorki station with Ursynów Płn.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2011: Running nearly a year behind schedule. The bridge was partially completed in summer 2011, yet there's no asphalt, the road's not complete, traffic is diverted via Hołubcowa. Dreadful.


uzar said...

REALLY like these pics, this time. :-)

Bob said...

Michael - had a mole hill pop up as well - same story - first since last winter. Patented method has been employed and a per liter of discharge fund has been created and awaits you in the form of a beer soon.