Sunday, 1 November 2009

Where's the afternoon gone?

It's a week after the clocks have gone back. Sunset in Warsaw today is 16:09 - just 48 minutes later than the year's earliest sunset (15:21 between 9 and 17 December). The day is ending real early nowadays. Above: The sun sinks below the cloud line, ul. Karnawał. This is where Węzeł Lotnisko will soon appear - the junction between the S2, S79 and eventually S7. Today - rural tranquility itself.

I was witnessing a contest between the wind blowing the clouds westward and the sinking sun. All the while, I thought the sun would be overtaken and the afternoon would become dull and overcast, yet the sun to the end was outpacing the clouds. Right: the railway lines near the ul. Karnawał level crossing. It's just possible to cycle along the side of the tracks from Karnawał to ul. Hołubcowa, although it's very much a technical trail.

Left: The sky full of wires; overhead lines for the railway, electricity and telephone lines running along ul. Baletowa. For a moment, a merging with the sense of the infinite.

Below: sun disappearing through the trees, ul. Kórnicka. In the foreground, mugworts, common on Jeziorki's fallow scrublands.

We decided not to visit cemeteries today; traffic jams and accidents, crowds and cold.

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