Saturday, 14 November 2009

The days are marching

After dropping off Moni at band practice, taking the segregated waste for recycling and making lunch for Eddie and myself, I think "time for a bike ride". I look at the time and it's almost three pm. The sun now sets just after quarter to four. The river beckons.

Above: Just gone three-thirty and the sun is disappearing over the horizon. I've covered some 10km in the half-hour since leaving home, riding through the Las Kabacki forest. This wet field is in Powsin. Today and yesterday were dry, more rain is due.
Above: the village of Okrzeszyn at dusk. Home of the immortal (though now faded) graffiti: "Okrzeszyn City każdy obcy będzie bity" (Okrzeszyn city, every stranger will be beaten). The village has since gone up-market with new houses springing up everywhere.
Take me to the river. Above: The Jeziorka river, which flows into the Vistula at Obórki. Below: The Vistula at Obórki, 15km by bike from home. Time to set off before it gets too dark.

Below: Looking the other way; with the river behind me, I'm standing on the flood defence dyke and looking across at fields of Obórki. Five km beyond lies Konstancin.

Below: On the way home, I pass the church at Powsin. The children have regularly come here on pilgrimages on foot from their school. Next year this church celebrates its 600th birthday, hence the new illuminations.

It's dark by the time I reach Las Kabacki. However, I have recently bought some outstandingly good bike lights; the front one illuminates the forest like a car headlight - and runs off AA batteries!


Aphelion said...

Great pictures as always; I especially love number 2, it is so full of klimat and reminds me of places I knew a long time ago, far away...

Congratulations, your bike must be really good! Wish we had some flat surfaces here and not just steep hills, that would make biking so much easier!

Bob said...

Michael what headlights did you buy and where did you acquire them? Sounds interesting - Bob

Michael Dembinski said...

Bob - headlights are by Cateye, available at any good bike shop. There were yet stronger ones!

I first saw these last summer, riding through Las Kabacki, I noticed what I first thought to be a silent motorbike - the light was so bright - when it approached, I could see a pushbike with unusually strong head light.

I paid 200 zł for it and a rear light with six LEDs that can be set to flashing (like a 70s disco) or steady.

Avoid cheap supermarket-bought copies.

Bob said...

Thanks Michael - not sure if I told you about our 450km ride through Bavaria in September - did I bore you with the details yet? (best ride we have ever taken in all ways - by far)

Michael Dembinski said...

Bob - have you posted any pics anywhere?