Sunday, 22 November 2009

November weather notes.

Last week was warm for the time of year, with daytime highs around +11C, nighttime lows no lower than +5C. Today was cooler but, like Friday, the sky was clear for much of the day. Gnats hover around outside the house, fooled by the spring-like temperatures. Last night there was a thick fog enveloping Warsaw; flights to Okęcie were diverted with nothing landing until the morning. The moles made a rather sorry attempt to disfigure our lawn, my patented method of mole-dissuasion has limited their hills to a mere two this autumn (compared to 30+ the last time we had an attack).

Last November, there was already snow on the ground, which unlike that which fell over a month ago, held on a bit. I'm told we can expect a late winter this year.

Meanwhile, the British Isles are experiencing extremely heavy rainfalls, floods and high winds.

Returning from the shops this afternoon, I caught this rather marvellous autumnal sunset over ul. Trombity. Red sky at night, shepherd's delight?

This time last year:


student SGH said...

I don't remember where I've read it, but this year's winter is forecast to be very similar to the one of 1997/98, due to El-Nino effect. So it might be almost freezeless and snowless, but wet and windy.

It's almost sure that the winter will come late (I'd bet January), but like in the previous years it may last until late March, which I wouldn't enjoy.

Next time you'll be about to appear in the radio, tell us in advance, I'd put a headphone into my ear during a boring lecture and listen some interesting stuff.

PS. added another pic of those three engines

Michael Dembinski said...
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