Friday, 20 November 2009


My fixed wheel bike is proving a useful part of my commute solution. I cycle 1.5 km from home to W-wa Jeziorki station (avoiding the muddy paths, just asphalt roads). Although the rush-hour trains are packed solid, later trains (after half past eight) offer enough space to board the compartment with the bike-hanging hooks (see this post). It's then 30 minutes to W-wa Powiśle, and then 1.6km to the office. On the return journey, I get off the train one stop early, at W-wa Dawidy, for 2.5km ride home along ul. Kórnicka and Trombity, both are quiet in the evening. The half kilometre along ul. Baletowa is not too bad (and safer than Karczunkowska) - my train going over the level crossing gives me time to get a solid head-start on all the traffic. So - total riding distance a mere 7.3km a day, but timed right, I can do home-to-office in 50 minutes.

The bike has been reconfigured with a more laid-back handlebars, giving a more comfortable riding position. I think I'll change back to the original one (built for speed and lightness). The front wheel has been rebuilt using a spare hub and a rim from an old wheel.

Why fixed? It's light, simple, nothing much to go wrong.


adthelad said...

No mudguards even!!

Michael Dembinski said...

My waterproof over-trousers and Goretex cycle jacket - THESE are my mudguards:-)

piotr said...

nice, another fixie in Jeziorki :-)
cheers from Buszycka st.