Monday, 2 November 2009

Powiśle on a cold, clear autumn morning

My favourite bridge in Warsaw, Most Poniatowskiego. (See also night-time photo here). I arrive at W-wa Powiśle a few minutes early to discover that the Koleje Mazowieckie train I'd boarded was not the 9:07 from Jeziorki, but a far earlier one that finally arrived in town a whole 60 minutes late!

Still, it gives me an extra ten minutes to snap some snaps. The bridge looks good through the trees, too. Although November (listopad/'the leaf-fall month') has just begun, the process of deciduous trees shedding their leaves seems nearly complete.

Strong, low sunlight creates the ideal conditions for dramatic photography that captures spirit of place and the sublime aesthetic.

Right: block of flats on Powiśle, just off ul. Leona Kruczkowskiego. I note they've been repainted since the current photo on Google Earth was taken - they were all white back in March 2007! Below: flats along ul. Czerniakowska.


Marcyś said...

Last photo shows not exactly buildings along Czerniakowska street. Flats on the right side of photo belongs to Wilanowska street (former Gwardzistów street), on the left side belongs to Okrąg street. Only this bright one in the middle behind the trees (as far as I remember) belongs to Czerniakowska street.
Before Second World War it looked bit different and was joint and common part of these buildings on the corner of Wilanowska (visible at the photo) and Okrąg street (unvisible at the photo).


KG said...

That's right =) The front side od this Art Deco building destroyed during Second World War.

powisle said...

I have wrote about history of that building during Warsaw Uprising here on Warszawa Powiśle