Monday, 23 November 2009

Warsaw's woodlands in autumn

A defining feature of Warsaw is its scarp that runs parallel (though some way from) the Vistula river. Much of it is covered in greenery. Above: the path running from Al. Władysława Giżyckiego (the north side of the Królikarnia park) down to ul. Piaseczyńska. I'm on my way to the studios of Radio TokFM, where again today I'm taking part in the EKG talk show with Tadeusz Mosz (eighth time this year). Today I bemoan Poland's lack of a PPP-promoting body within the public sector. If this doesn't happen, Poland won't have any PPPs (and plop-plops will continue to flow down Polish rivers).

Last week I did this same journey, also by bike, though on the fixed wheel one. A mistake - the fixed wheel does not like steep downhills like this one! So today, the Cannondale did the job much better. Suspension, gears, fat knobbly tyres and two brakes.

Right: I'm riding home in time to catch the sun setting through the trees in the Las Kabacki forest. The leaves have all gone in this deciduous part of the forest. The paths are covered with a thick and slippery carpet of leaves. Again, the Cannondale is in its element with its grippy tyres that make light work of the twists and turns in the trail.

I'm using the new Blogger control panel. Now why can't I justify the text at the top of this para to line up with the top of the pic (right)? Looks OK in the control panel, but when I publish post, the text jumps down a line. BAH!