Monday, 30 November 2009

S2 at Poloneza

Ul. Poloneza is now bisected at the railway track linking the main line with the Metro depot at Kabaty. Even pedestrian traffic is prohibited. Only the bicycle gets through!

The road was closed a month ago. A viaduct is to be built here. Ul. Poloneza is the main artery that connects my home to Platan Park, where my working day often starts. The viaduct will go over the top of both the railway track and the S2 southern Warsaw bypass (Południowa Obwodnica Warszawy or POW).

So it's gratifying to know that the road's not just closed for the sake of closing the road. Things are happening. I sneaked past on my bike for a closer look. Below: This to me looks like the welding of the metal frames for the pillars that one day soon will hold the ul. Poloneza viaduct aloft.

I can see the situation in two years time: Poloneza is reopened, as a properly tarmacked road, and half of Magdalenka and Lesznowola is going to be stuck here in a massive traffic jam. Unless Puławska Bis and/or Hołubcowa Bis will be built by then - which I doubt!

Bad news - I've just read on Skyscraper City that the Polish Highways and Motorways Authorities (GDDKiA) has just declared the tender for the stretch of road between Węzeł Lotnisko and Konotopa (the eastern end of the A2 motorway) invalid. So we may end up with the POW being an expressway linking Puławska and Ochota.


Neighbour said...

Even worse - all those traveling the autobahn from Berlin all cities along the road towards Warsaw WILL END THEIR JOURNEY on Puławska, trying to get somehow further on.
Imagine how the traffic grows on Puławska and neighbouring streets then.

Michael Dembinski said...

I've skipped Puławska altogether. Walk, cycle, Koleje Mazowieckie - anything but to waste a single second bottled up on that ghastly road to nowhere.

It will only get worse and worse.

Work out your alternatives while there's time!