Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A regular interchange

I often find myself here - the Al. Armii Ludowej exit of the Politechnika Metro station. From here, buses run down Trasa Łazienkowska, three stops to Rozbrat and my office. Warsaw is a city that's changing at an amazing pace, something I can clearly see when looking at old photos from ten years ago. Drab, provincial, neglected, large empty concrete spaces filled with weeds, the past decade has brought huge advances. More are still needed (sewers for Jeziorki! a pavement for ul. Karczunkowska!), not to mention a second and indeed third Metro line. But it's worth remembering that nothing in this photo would have been here 15 years ago.

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David Zieloni said...

Michael - the picture of the new Zebra building is very nice and it is going up fast as I have a close view from my office window. What you may wish to comment on is the poor people who's flats are immediately behind the building. Gone are sun lit days for them as the building is about 20 metres from their windows. When it comes to issuing permission for new buildings in Warsaw something needs to be done to stop this type of thing happening.